Wisdom teeth have been known in the past as ‘third molar’ teeth.

They received their more popular name as ‘wisdom teeth’ due to the fact that they appear at a much later age, when apparently we are supposed to be wiser.

In the past it was less common for people to have their wisdom teeth, however with the turn of the industrial revolution, there has been a drastic increase in cases of wisdom teeth which sum believe has to do with the change of our diet (such as processed food and the increase in sugar consumption).

Their initial use was to assist in chewing plant based foods, as well as meats and nuts. Some say that in the past our ancestors jaws were larger due to a rich plant based diet, and thus wisdom teeth had room to erupt without causing any major issues.  

With our evolution, came the change in our diet which contained ‘softer’ foods as well as eating utensils (forks & knives) which ment we no longer needed to ‘work as hard’ to cut our food with our own teeth, thus making wisdom teeth more redundant.

Wisdom teeth are synonymously associated with pain and are the most known to cause oral issues and discomfort. With the eruption of wisdom teeth, it is known to cause issues due to the lack of space for them to erupt without any problems. Most common problem that is caused by them are decay and periodontal diseases which can increase as we get older.