When searching for Premium Quality UCLA Abutments, it is important to see that they can also be castable abutments, that they have a machine base and are produced from various alloys such as Cobalt Chrome, Titanium or Gold.

You can also find these abutments which can be used for multi units or single screws, as well as restorations that are cement retainable. It should be taken into consideration that there is the ability to fix issues regarding implant angulation or problems regarding depth or lack thereof. In various cases there are products that are able to correct angulation issues of up to 30 degrees when done in a custom cast.

By providing a UCLA Abutment with a plastic sleeve and a metal base, it is possible to provide a successful overcast thus providing better plastic flexibility as well as precise machined dental abutments.

What are the Advantages of UCLA Castable Abutments you might ask?

  • They have an increased resistance to corrosion
  • Better precision performance than plastic based UCLA Abutments
  • Extremely strong due to the Cobalt Chrome base
  • Due to the high quality of materials, provide more accurate casts
  • Can be found at affordable prices compared to gold based UCLA Abutments
  • Better thermal stability

By using a Cobalt Chrome base (CoCr) you are looking at a highly accurate product at an affordable price. The market also offers Premium Quality Burnout products with excellent quality surface finishings. Some companies use a certain plastic sleeve that is produced in such a way that leave no debris during the burnout process which only enhances the ability to create extremely accurate and detailed castable abutments.


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