When observing the properties found in zirconia, it was proven that the bacterial adhesion were adequately low, which is key to sustaining the restoration without and periodontal complications.

Zirconia Abutments were recommended when an alternative for other metals was needed in the world of implants.

Zirconia is a great option when considering an alternative to metals for dental implant abutments due to its biocompatible attributes, mechanical assets as well as its optimal color which provides a natural appearing outcome as opposed to metal based option that can on occasion cause a grey hue which can be less pleasing for the patient. Aesthetic restrictions have become an integral facet in defining if the final result is indeed a success or failure.

Due to the headway made in the technological development of new materials, such as zirconia, enables to accomplish favorable aesthetic results that were not at all possible with the use of conventional metals.

What makes Zirconia Abutments such a wonderful choice?

One of the great things with using zirconia abutments is that there is little to no allergic reaction to be expected with patients. Moreover, corrosion is also another thing to tick off the list of concerns, as zirconia rarely has issues with corrosion, it is a remarkably durable and strong material that has an extremely long shelf-life.

Y-TZP zirconia  meets the highest demands of quality control, innovation and achieves remarkable precision in product production.

By using Ceramic Injection Molding, also known as CIM, an innovative technology to produce our Zirconia Implant it is possible to substitute the former CNC production approach.

To summarize, this material is a wonderful choice when considering materials for dental implant abutments due to excellent biocompatibility, it is extremely strong and durable, it’s color provides a natural appearing translucency, it is similar to steel due to its thermal expansion and elastic modulus properties, enables for epithelial cells to attach, outstanding anti frictional attributes and offers a progressive solution for rehabilitation.