Ball implant overdentures are used to support as well as enable a solid retention, thus enabling the secure attachment of the overdenture.

These assist in achieving an easy maintenance and construction of the overdenture in the patient’s mouth.

Ball attachments can be viewed as a shock absorber, as they redirect stress inside the mouth as well as providing optimal retention. These attachments are very easy to assemble and remove when need be which makes them an ideal option for older patients.

Moreover, elderly patient’s will usually enjoy the option of the ball attachment it is easy to remove, more cost effective and simple to fix if needed.

Ball implants are easy to assemble and can easily be done chair-side, granting results on the same day which is always a bonus for patients that do not want to have several visits in order to achieve the final result.

One disadvantage with Ball Implants

that needs to be taken into consideration when using the ball attachment overdenture is that due to its initial structure, this attachment has a higher profile than others.

This means that the overdenture will sit ‘higher’ than usual which may create a less natural appearance and may have a less convenient feel for the patient. There have also been more accounts of prosthodontic obstacles as retention decreases with time.

Some Ball Implants will come with silicone inserts which are on offer in various strengths and are simple to change the retention of inserts. This provides a chair-side procedure in a time efficient manner which is always favorable for patients.  These are produced in a strict high quality controlled surrounding, designed for non splinted restorations at affordable prices.