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Why Sirona™ CEREC™ keeps its customers coming back

The products by Sirona™ CEREC™ are designed to help you improve on a list of things

Dental professionals are constantly faced with the challenge of providing cost-effective services to their patients without sacrificing quality. Dental implantology in particular is a field in which the technology is rapidly evolving and prosthetic dental solutions are becoming ever more impressive, but not without the cost of a pretty penny. An implantology practice’s proper balance of time and money efficiency can make success soar, and Sirona™ CEREC™ has been a huge help for many offices around the globe in doing so.

What is Sirona™ CEREC™?

Dentsply Sirona™ is one of the world’s leading dental implant brands. It is a young, American-based company that specializes in dental implantology products, as well as laboratory instruments and systems. CEREC™, which is short for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, is Sirona™’s computer-assisted method of tooth restoration. This system relies on CAD/CAM technology, which is a Computer-Assisted Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing process of fabricating restorations. By using this technology, dental implantologists can offer their patients an entirely customized restoration that is completed in a single day, with the design and fabrication of the prosthesis done entirely in-house.

What makes Sirona™ CEREC™ stand out?

While the Sirona™ CEREC™ method does provide a wealth of convenience to dental implantology practices, it was actually designed with the patient as the number one priority. The aim in developing the CEREC™ method was to create a restoration process that was as seamless and painless as possible for the patient. The implant procedure following traditional methodologies can be uncomfortable, long and painful. With the CEREC™ method, there are fewer injections, digital impressions rather than conventional impressions that make far less mess, no need for temporary restorations, and a number of other advantages.

When carried out properly, a restoration procedure that is performed using the CEREC™ method begins with a well-organized plan that is developed with the support of the CEREC™ system. Relying on CEREC™’s 3D software, a three-dimensional model of the tooth is made and from that model, the customized restoration is milled. All within a single visit.

How Sirona™ CEREC™ products maximize efficiency

While the entire concept of CAD/CAM technology helps improve the efficiency of a dental implantologist’s practice, Sirona™ CEREC™’s digital solutions have been proven time and again to be among the most efficient. Some of the more notable remarks and feedback from dental professionals regarding the Sirona™ CEREC™ system include:

  • Single visit restorations provide patients with an entirely convenient and comfortable process. No unnecessary or uncomfortable impressions, a seamless and smooth procedure for both patient and implantologist, and at the end of the visit, the patient walks out of the office with a custom restoration (abutment, screws and crown included).
  • By increasing overall office efficiency with Sirona™ CEREC™’s products, service volume that the practice provides can also be increased. Efficiency for the practice means higher potential for profit and an overall more comfortable working environment for office staff.
  • The ability to create a custom abutment in-house provides patients with a higher quality restoration in terms of safety, durability and esthetics.
  • Sirona™ CEREC™ continually improves its materials to keep up with the latest technologies. This in turn ensures that practices are offering the highest quality of restoration that conforms to the most premium of clinical safety standards.

Sirona™ CEREC™: The solution many dental implantologists have come to rely on

Dentsply Sirona™, with over three decades of experience in the design and production of dental implant products, restorative instruments and systems, has revolutionized digital dentistry with its CEREC™ method. Implantologists around the world are migrating to more digital solutions, and Sirona™ CEREC™ offers all the necessary components to make that migration as smooth as possible. Enabling the entire restorative process to be completed in a single, customized visit is a massive leap in procedure efficiency and satisfaction both for dental professional and patient. Sirona™ CEREC™ is an excellent way for dental professionals to keep up with digital dentistry’s latest technologies and keep their practice running at full efficiency.


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